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Welcome to R.T. Brockbank & Associates Inc.
The utilization of intelligence in the corporate environment of today continues to make a profound impact in our business world. Intelligence in the investigative realm is a complex blend of precursory public record information, vigilance, and knowledge. The success of any investigation is dependent on the quality of the intelligence, in concert, with the expertise of the Investigator. At R.T. Brockbank & Associates Inc., we possess the requisite proficiency to excel.

Our network of Associates allows us the capability to conduct investigations in every Canadian Province as well as every State in the United States of America. In our twenty three years of business, we have contacted a vast majority of the Countries on the Globe for either an investigation commencing there or a reciprocal arrangement to act on behalf of a professional investigative firm in Canada. We maintain a proprietary database of 35,000 individuals and companies across the world who we have either investigated or we would consider of interest.

Corporate Investigative Services
R. T. Brockbank & Associates Inc. is called upon by international, national and local clients to conduct investigations on their behalf. Our vast experience in the corporate sector has led to our solid reputation and worldwide renown.

Insurance Industry Services
We acknowledge that the Canadian Insurance Industry has experienced exceptional growth and change in the last decade. Our firm has accepted the associated challenges and we have surpassed the expectations of our clients with our services that are expedient, informative and cost effective.

Case Studies
We would like to present a brief synopsis of a few Investigative Files we have concluded in the recent past. Please feel free to read through the case studies to understand the subtleties and complexities of each investigation.

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